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About the group

Up until the birth of our ‘Green is the new Pink’ campaign, the four of us were seemingly sane undergraduates at Nanyang Technological University. Right now, we just looked like stressed out students with dishevelled, messy hair-dos. Along the way, we’ve all gone a little nutty. We’ve started calling ourselves the ‘Flying Cows’. Yes, you read it right. We’ve developed this compulsive obsession with checking our emails every 5 minutes. Yet,  as bottle-necked with work as we are, this final year project has brought the four of us closer together.

And no, we’re not acting all diplomatic here. But where’s the love if we let our tempers get the better of us?  Work should be this fun!

So you might ask, how did this whole campaign came about? A quarter of the flying cows, Syaheeda, was stuck in one of her back-breaking pilates stance when she suddenly had an epiphany. A self confessed calorie-counting babe, she realised her weekly routine of cycling along the Eastern Coastal Park Connector could probably offer a fresh perspective into Singaporeans’  idea of romance. Possibly one of the best kept secrets of the East, we  gamely approached National Parks Board with our concept and look where we are right now!

So, like glad you know we ain’t always cooped up in the Boon Lay area yeah?

Alrightey, our nuttiness could possibly have rubbed a little off on you guys. And yes, you can finally satisfy your insatiable urge to get all groovy with us right now. Don’t sweat! Click on the link below and drop us an email!

You know what? Some fan mail could do us a lil’ good.



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