Green is the new Pink Blog Contest

GREEN is the new Pink” campaign is calling for you to blog your thoughts and experience of the Eastern Coastal Park Connector Network (ECPCN). We thought keeping an online diary is all the rage right now, so why not?

We ain’t putting down any restrictions on what your blog post should be about. But here’re a few things we would like you to take note:

  • Your blog post must talk about your experience at the ECPCN. Pretty obvious, we think.
  • Your blog post must include your own interpretation of the campaign’s theme: Green is the New Pink. Hmmmmm, just how creative can you get?
  • Include at least 2 photos of you and your friends on your bikes or blades. We like to see you having fun on wheels or blading your way through the ECPCN!
  • Once you’re done, simply send in your blog link to our official email: Do include the following particulars: Full Name, Age, Occupation, Contact Number
  • Please submit your link latest by 1st March 2009. We look forward to your entries!

Please do not hesistate. Let loose a lil’, throw on your thinking caps and let your creative juices flow…

Now… Let’s look at what attractive prizes we have prepared for you:

1st Prize
Dahon Easy 7 worth SGD$499. Available in White or Brick (Red) colour.


Dahon with 7 speeds! The Easy 7 features an adjustable handlepost and improved frame. A 7 speed drive train. 6 months in country warranty included.

2nd Prize
1 streetsurfing Waveboard worth SGD$150. Includes DVD instruction kit.


The wave inline action board (Streetsurfing) is the board that everyone is talking about. It combines the all three surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding on 2 wheels. The Wave gives you the ability to do precised 36o’s, carve downhill and even ride uphill.

3rd Prize
1 Streetsurfing Ripple worth SGD$120. Includes DVD instruction kit.


The Ripple is a smaller verison of Waveboard for kids 6-12 years old. It clinched the 2008 Creativeminds Toy of the Year Award.

Prizes proudly sponsored by Speedmatrix.


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