Attack of the Prawns!!

April 18, 2009 at 3:47 pm Leave a comment

Gosh, our sincere apologies for the hiatus again. We’ve been stuffing our faces into piles and piles of lecture notes. Yes, it’s the examinations period! Hmm, why do we sound so happy? Up until now, two of the flying cows are still busy stuffing their faces.What about the other two? We’re seemingly in a daze now that we’ve officially completed 16 years of education. 19 years if you’re counting nursery and kindergarten. Lol.

Alright, so we headed on our Dahon bikes to the Pasir Ris Happy Prawning Place located @ Pasir Ris Town Park.


Weeeeeeeee. It was an extremely, ridiculous, unbelievably hot day.


Getting the rod from the uncle. We were there on a random weekday, not a single soul insight at the prawning place. Poor uncle, confirm bored.


Yucky sandworm bait that we got for free only because they were dead. It had this really salty smell but it reminded us of the preserved sour plum that you eat whenever you feel like puking. Right? Haha.


We almost went groggy eyed staring diligently at the bobbing float. If only we were as focused when we’re studying. BAHS.

The waiting game commences.


*whistles, shake legs, twiddle thumb*

10 hours later….


Haha, its just 2 hours later lar. Tadah!!! Not bad for the two of us eh?

Sure enough, we wished that we had caught more. That sandwormy bait thingy weren’t that effective as compared to say chicken innards or something. We think that there are better prawning locations around Singapore, we particularly dig the one located at Bishan. It’s clean and the prawns just keep coming!! Who agrees with us?

Do keep the comments coming in. Now, it’s back to the reality of job seeking.

Our occupation: Professional job seeker.

Sigh, does any one have any recommendations?


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