Make Green the New Pink Bike-a-thon

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Ok, so we know that this entry is long overdue.. but forgive us.. we spent the past few weeks making recoveries of sorts.. some physical, some emotional but mostly academic. we had to catch up with all the other modules we have conveniently neglected for MGTNP! (but believe us, it was worth it!!) so here’s our recount of what for us, was the best Valentine’s Day EVER..

Yeah balls, the day has arrived!

For the past year, the flying cows have huffed and puffed just for the 14th of February. The night before, we were all scurrying around running last minute errands and settling logistics. None of us actually caught a wink that night. No thanks to the random thoughts were moo-mooing through our tired minds:

Eh! Did we forget anything?

Will it rain? Please dont!!!! *scrambles to Laptop and checks for weather forecast”

Do we have enough water??

Gosh gosh gosh. Yet, we got up bright and early on the morning of Feb 14th.  5am to be exact. Now now, allow the infamous Dahon girls to bring you through our bike-a-thon day once more! =)


“Everyone fall in fall in”

This is Allan from Speed Matrix doing his Sai kang. Haha, he’s been a great help. Spot the blond hair dude at the bottom right? Tha’t MadMal! Warning: He lives up to his moniker.

So yeah, both Allan and MadMal arrived at Sun Plaza Park to brief the participants. After some short warm up exercises, OFF WE GO!!!


Vroom Vroom!!!!!!

Seeing the smiles on our participants’ faces definitely made us relaxed a lil’. Throughout the whole 28km, we’ve a group of safety cyclists to lead the way and basically just look out for our participants. They’re a really great bunch of dudes who devoted their Saturday morning just for our event. Here’s some of our guardian angels =)


Wah seh, handsome lar.

We’re also extremely greatful to the volunteers that turned up. Without them, the flying cows will probably moo their way to Mars. We wouldn’t have the slightest idea how to run it without you guys!!


Hard at work in the wee hours of the morning


Our volunteer ICs: Nabil and Omar! Cheerios!

Fast forward to our ending point: East Coast Park Area C4

The first participant that came back was 099 Raja!! He was so fast we pondered whether he will  kena issue speeding ticket.


Yum yum candy floss. Raja from L&T Cycles

Oh! Did you guys catch a glimpse of KC Au Yeong on his really innovative bicycle?


Say Cheese!

KC seems really relaxed. We should see the four of us huffing and puffing when we cycle. Goodness, it really is a sight to behold.

When the bulk of our participants have arrived and settled down, MadMal got into his groove and played some trivia games while awaiting the arrival of the Mayor of SouthEast CDC, Mr Matthias Yao Chih.  Both Xiang Yi and Geok Shan had the honor of cycling in with the Mayor, together with Allan and representatives from NParks and representatives of our charity beneficiaries.

Did you know that for every participant that crosses the finish line, Nestle donated a food hamper to beneficiaries from Muhammadiyah Welfare Home, Andrew and Grace Home and Darul Ihsan Orphanage? On top of that, each home was also be presented with sporting equipment courtesy of Speedmatrix and Streetsurf.

We really heart our sponsors!

Here’s the Mayor making his grand entrance *Drum rolls*


He’s the 2nd one from the left!

here’s a clearer picture of the Mayor with the 4 of us!


Being the gentleman that he is, the Mayor gave out roses to all our female participants. And surely they HAVE to be green! Its the Make Green the new Pink Bike-a-thon remember? Hmm, green roses. Just how often do you receive a green rose?

Of course, we like to express our appreciation to Mr Brown who came and graced our event. He was a safety cyclist!


Ardent fans of Mr Brown

Gee. It really warms our heart seeing all these smiles. Not only it made us feel a sense of accomplishment, it was the fact that the past year of hard work finally paid off.

Once again, a big thank you to all you guys out there who made our graduation possible!!!

We will of course continue riding on our beloved Dahon bikes.. so stay tuned for the next post.. Dahon Girls go prawning! 🙂


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“Bai Nian” on Dahon bikes Attack of the Prawns!!

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